About Us


     Biaginis Colours is an art school, located in the west end of Toronto. We run our classes out of Chaminade high school, St.Fidelis CS, and St. Conrad CS. We are ideal for kids, teens, and adults who want to develop and enhance skills in drawing and painting.  Children and adults can experience high-quality visual arts instruction in a relaxed, supportive, and fun setting


In 1950s New York, European artist Hans Hoffman began an art school that promoted self-expression and creativity through abstract art. Amongst his students were William DeKoonig,  Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler. Like Hoffman, Nick and Lucas Biagini help students to explore the relationship between light and shade and their intensity in order to produce art work that is aesthetically appealing to the viewer.



The school is run by Nick Biagini and his son Lucas. Nick has been educating adults and children for 25 years primarily with the TCDSB. Through out this period he continued his craft of painting and has exhibited all through out Toronto, with selected works hung in private collections internationally. 


Lucas Biagini being raised in an environment of art was naturally drawn to the arts. Lucas has been coaching and teaching kids painting and basketball for 5 years. He is currently studying drawing and painting at OCAD University, producing works that challenge and grasp the roots of traditional art. Like Hoffman, Lucas and Nick Biagini have, as their goal, to produce the next generation of Canadian artists who begin as children but evolve into artists whose work will eventually help in continuing to define the fabric of Canadian art.





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