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      The students will begin with selecting a landscape from a variety of carefully chosen photographs. the instructor will do a demonstration of where boundary lines are noted and these are painted on the canvas. The students are shown how to create an under-painting and then slowly how the painting is built up. This process allows the students to spend the majority of each session painting, problem solving, modifying and refining. As the sessions unfold to the last phase which focuses on detailing, the instructors will probe, question so that students begin to determine for themselves what is missing in their paintings


By the last session, the students will be ready to exhibit and then critique their painting and will further articulate the process they used in completing their piece.


The guarantee will always be an enjoyment of the process of painting and a beautiful end product.


The regular sessions are 1.5 hours long once a week for 8 weeks. The 8th week is exhibit night for the students!


Our abstract painting program introduces students to expressive and experiential nature of abstract painting. Students will develop their own painting vocabulary and an understanding of abstract form through a series of studies that emphasize the meaning of color, gesture, form and compositional design. Students will then complete a final painting on a 24 by 30 canvas that will attempt to push the notions of abstraction.


 Please contact us at 416 409 3378 for programming details. Inquire about ADULT PAINT NIGHTS.